Monday 8 June 2015

New Release: Irrigation Management Solution - FieldNET® Pivot Control

The H2Grow team like to ensure you are updated as new technologies reach the market and today's blog post is an example of this. Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, recently announced FieldNET® Pivot Control, the industry’s first solution for upgrading almost any brand pivot to full remote irrigation control and monitoring capabilities.

Many growers today manage multiple brands of irrigation systems. This requires operators to understand various types of pivot control panels, which takes time to learn and could lead to operator error. Pivot Control can change the way growers manage their irrigation by providing a single consistent irrigation experience.It is simple, it is very intuitive.  And the ability to basically tap into any system and have this product as kind of plug-and-play on there, that’s great. You can take a 30-year-old pivot and bring it right up to date with this unit,” said Jared Gardner, a grower who tested the product on his Zimmatic pivot and two other brands.

Unlike other remote irrigation control products, Pivot Control mounts at the pivot point and combines with GPS at the end of the pivot for increased precision and greater flexibility.  Growers can operate their pivot in the field at the control box or remotely using FieldNET - both elements automatically update together - minimising the chance for user error.  From a smartphone, tablet, or computer, growers can control their pivots and equipment, including pumps, injectors, and monitor sensors for pressure, flow, soil moisture, rainfall, temperature, and other devices in the future.  The system will send alerts to the growers’ phone to notify them of any irrigation issues. “Making all my pivots universally controlled through one device is great and having pump control is crucial,” said Gardner.

Pivot Control comes standard with 360-sector variable rate irrigation (VRI), offering twice the number of sectors available on most basic (sector) VRI products. Growers working with agronomists and crop specialists to analyse their unique field conditions can upload custom prescriptions to FieldNET.  “Once the prescription is created it takes less than a minute to upload,” said Agronomist Lamar LaPorte. “The biggest advantage is being able to scale the concept of VRI over a whole farm or multiple farms efficiently.  By eliminating the time consuming process of having to change each sector, it is a huge benefit.”  

Gardner says he has researched VRI and sees it as a next step. “Our inputs just keep getting more expensive so if we can utilise VRI to grow, that’s the next step,” says Gardner.

Pivot Control takes over the existing pivot, giving the grower full access to precision irrigation control and convenient monitoring. “There’s really nothing else like it on the market.  Pivot Control provides growers an affordable and easy way to own features that can more effectively and conveniently manage irrigation resources,” said Stu Bradbury, Lindsay NZ general manager.

For more information, visit or talk to your local Zimmatic dealer.

Posted by Sarah Elliot from Lindsay NZ.