Monday 7 December 2015

The 2015 EM Season has come to a close

As we fast approach the end of 2015 it is good to look back at the EM surveying season we have just had. Due to the very dry summer we didn’t get going until nearly the end of April which is about 3-4 weeks later than the season before. Stewart Darling join the team this year and many of you would of met him if we conducted any survey work for you. As Stu’s from Scotland he found the colder winter weather easier to handle than this already hot summer! We also changed our side by side Polaris for a larger capacity machine for greater capability in the field and improved downhill descent which comes in very handy at times in Otago!   We did a lot of testing with the new set up to make sure it was performing well before the season kicked off.

Field testing the EM rig on the new Polaris back in February 2015.
Like every season we have faced new challenges and found solutions and developed our protocols to take them into consideration. So next season we will be another step ahead of the previous year! We have met some varied and interesting new clients as well as continuing to work with our existing clients, helping all to achieve their goals with precision ag. through our services.
With the introduction of our AquaCheck soil  moisture probes this season we have been able to add another dimension to the service we offer, not only surveying  your soil’s variability and moisture holding characteristics but now also providing the means to monitor them very effectively.

Travelling past Mount Cook on one of many trips through the central South Island.

Moving forward to 2016 we will start surveying as soon as conditions allow; that is usually when irrigation has finished and we have had a couple of large rain events to negate the man-made influences of that seasons irrigation on the soil. This is usually anytime from late March to April depending on the year.  Our main concern is that our clients get the best data possible. This only happens when the conditions are right so please bare this in mind. If you want to book a survey in for a particular month to fit in with your on-farm management that is fine or if you just want to complete the  survey as soon as possible just let us know so we can keep in touch and start as soon as we’re able. For all enquiries be it for just more information on our services or a full quote please contact us at Agri Optics.

Wishing you all a fruitful and productive summer for what looks to be a very challenging time ahead. And hopefully you have the tools in place to help manage your water resource as efficiently as possible! Have a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 from the team at Agri Optics.
Chris Smith

Agri Optics 2015/16 Xmas Hours:
Closed Wednesday 23rd December  & re-opening on Tuesday the 5th of January. For any urgent matters over this time please call Jemma Mulvihill on 021796124.