Monday 12 September 2016

Introducing: NICK EVANS

Second in our series of H2Grow contributor profiles we would like to introduce Nick Evans. Nick is a Precision Ag Technician at Agri Optics NZ based in Methven. His enthusiasm and fresh perspective coupled with learnings through his Lincoln University studies are an asset to the H2Grow Team.


Nick analysing EM survey data of an irrigated area for a customer 
I grew up in rural town Ashburton so exposure to agriculture was certain. Once getting under way in high school and after getting sick of washing trucks for my parents my dad sorted me out with a job working for a friend of his out in Wakanui. From then my interest in ag progressed. It wasn’t long before I would show up in the school holidays, be given a list of jobs to do and was left to looking after the farm whilst the boss went off on holiday.

After all of this exposure during my school years I was tossing up between engineering and a B Com Ag at Lincoln. Lincoln obviously won the day and I started my first three years of study. Meeting a huge range of people from all parts of the country meant that some strong friendships were also created. One of the perks of these friendships are the all-important farm tours when I go to visit. 

After the BCom I completed a Master of Management in Agribusiness over 18 months. This grew my skills and knowledge particularly around how to understand and interpret scientific papers and studies. Agricultural innovations were a part of the course and this was my first real exposure to Precision Ag. It was from there that my interest in the area grew.

On a day to day basis you will find me enjoying my time the most when I get the opportunity to work with farmers to implement Precision practices. The challenge is in tailoring it to meet the needs and requirements of the farm and the farmer. 

Nick Evans - Agri Optics NZ Ltd