Sunday 4 December 2016

Is Your Irrigator in Top Nick?

The spring weather has brought more rain to many parts of New Zealand compared to previous seasons which has meant many irrigators have barely got off the starting blocks. This extended downtime is a perfect opportunity to give your irrigator a bit of TLC which will help ensure it is running at full capacity when the heat comes on.

Many simple checks and servicing like lubricating joints, replacing oil in gearboxes and looking for signs of fatigue can often be carried out by farm staff. However, should you be unsure or think that you might have detected an issue don’t hesitate to contact your irrigation dealer.

Grafton Irrigation (Zimmatic dealer based in South Canterbury) have put together a handy checklist to guide you through the checks and maintenance that will help prevent mid-season issues. The checklist covers your intake, pump shed and mainline, and pivot, hard hose, soft hose, K-line and G-set (solid set) type irrigation systems. Print yourself a copy using the link below.

This post has been written by Sarah Elliot - thanks to Grafton Irrigation for your input!