Monday 18 September 2017

Tips, Tools and Technology for Efficient Farming - Part 1

During winter the H2Grow team ran a series of workshops throughout the South Island titled ‘Tips, Tools and Technology for Efficient Farming’. These workshops were very well attended and the team thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and the wide-ranging discussions that were had.

For those that were unable to attend we do not want you to miss out, so over the next few blog posts we will be posting notes of the key messages from each of the presentations. These are only condensed versions of the main points so if you would like further information or have any questions then please do feel free to contact the contributors directly by either clicking on the photo widgets to the right of this blog, or use the links provided.

The first set of presentation notes briefly cover the following topics:
  1. Why should we care about farming efficiently?
    • Nutrient management - why are we doing this?
    • Irrigation and nutrient management - how to they fit together?
  2. Soil moisture and water use efficiency
You will see there are two copies of the notes, one for Canterbury and the other for Otago as the notes relating to the regulations between these two areas differs.

Both topics were presented by Irricon Resource Solutions, so for more information please fee free to contact Keri Johnston or a member of the Irricon Team.